Julius Putra Tanu Setiaji


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Developer Ruby on Rails PostgreSQL Bootstrap HTML/CSS Heroku
  • A mobile-optimised To-Do list web application, complete with categorisation. You can see the current deployment here
  • Set up automated CircleCI build, Coveralls code coverage detection, and CodeClimate maintainability assessment.
  • Look at the source code on my GitHub repository
Source Academy
Developer Elixir Phoenix Framework Redux React TypeScript
  • The website for CS1101S, a module based on the famed SICP book, taught in a subset of JavaScript called The Source.
  • Used as an IDE for the language used in the module, as well as a platform to disseminate problem sets, lecture notes, etc. and to collect and grade assignments
Wi-Fi Extender and Load-balancer
Builder and Developer OpenWRT Shell
  • Using Wi-Fi routers connected via powerline adaptors to extend coverage from one point to the other, but one Wi-Fi router is used as a loadbalancer, utilising several other Wi-Fi routers in order to obtain higher speed on a Wi-Fi network with per-device speed limit.
  • Wrote a shell script for monitoring and to generate traffic so as not to be logged out from the captive portal. Also wrote a script to parallelise rsync and downloads. More details available here.
NUSSU commIT Internal Website
Technical Cell Member Ruby on Rails PostgreSQL
  • Rewriting the CCA website in Rails. The legacy system utilised a buggy and difficult to maintain in-house framework.
  • The website is used to manage supervising duty for members of the CCA and track tickets for issues with computers in the computer centres.